“Denise has an eye for a moment; that discerning yet instinctive talent for capturing images that showcase the intricacies of life, in all its bounty. In her photographs we are given the privileged treat of seeing life through her eyes, and it never disappoints – her photos are buoyant, appealing, bursting with story, and complimentary to any setting. Denise’s appreciation for the vigor of life sets her apart from the masses, and yet it is amongst the masses where the most precious and innocent occurs. You can always count on Denise to seize the precious, the special and the innocent, of any scene or occasion. I highly recommend Denise, for she consistently demonstrates that rare blend of integrity, talent, and sincerity.” – Neal D. Bogosian

“Denise Rafkind has such a good eye for whatever she is shooting. I love her photography and have given them as gifts that are admired possessions.”
– Tracy Scott

“I have known Denise for several years as an exceptionally gifted photography student, a reliable business colleague and good friend. In addition to her wonderful photography and design skills, I have always admired her extreme professionalism and true dedication to her work. In every situation, I also know that I can “count on Denise”
to achieve the goal, provide the talent and respond with creative quality! Denise’s sincere desire to please and her unwavering dedication to her work make her a true gem in the business arena. I am honored and delighted to recommend Denise for any photography or design projects you’d like to achieve on time, on budget and with wonderful success.” – David Guarino

“In life there are moments we would like to hold on to forever. Denise Rafkind Photography has beautifully captured just that. Time will pass, but these moments
are forever in our hearts and our walls thanks to Denise Rafkind Photography.”
– Emilie Zaniello

“Denise captures the essence of the locations she photographs and brings these places to life – I have her photos all over my home and they make us smile.
Denise is a kind and generous person who gets so much satisfaction in sharing
her photography.” – Cathy Rendy

Denise truly captures the nostalgia and natural beauty of everything she photographs. Denise’s passion is evident in the pictures she takes and the moments she captures. Her positive energy flows over into every aspect of her work. Her photos are simply stunning. Denise is so sweet, easy to work with and extremely creative. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer!!” – Gina Narcisa Vasquez