Posted in cityscapes by Denise Rafkind on January 4, 2015

Yellow blurrrrrrr down Broadway.
I catch you now and then in the corner of my eye.
It somehow moves me.
It’s like…some turn-on that’s not literal.
It’s an arousal, but for the city.
Then I realize.
Even though you splash water on me on rainy days when you turn corners.
Even though you sometimes stop on the crosswalk and I have to tap your hood.
Even though you almost clipped me on the corner that day.
And even though I stepped back just in time before you killed me.
I think you’re alright.
You’re a symbol.
You are part of the bustle. Not a background.
Part of the foreground.
With you, there’s always a way out.
Your backseats have had some heavy breathing.
Where secrets have solved great wonders.
You’re the reality show that never dies.
Please stay yellow…just so I can see you coming.


(A note and background about this photo, Times Square, New York City, the crossroads of the world.)