Rusted Subway Car

Posted in cityscapes by Denise Rafkind on January 4, 2015

There are still people on this car.
You just can’t see them.
Not with these eyes.
Not in this dimension, but they are there.
I promise.
Can you imagine? Can you?
Imagine that man off to the right,
With the starched white shirt and tie.
Hanging on…to the side of the wall.
Looking through the window and smiling at you.
He gave up his seat for the pretty woman wearing a pillbox hat.
Can you sense her?
She’s beautiful.
Dressed in a time that still exists,
Inside this car.
All of the consecutive mornings.
Off to toil in society’s labor plan.
And every morning he gave up his seat.

Those two were inside the day JFK was shot.
They didn’t know until they got off.
Their grief bound them together, as one.
They knew at that moment that they were inseparable.
They had to be. Life made it that way.
Can you see them inside there? I can.
They are waiting for someone to tell them,
That moments don’t have to end.

(A note and background about this photo, taken in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn of a retired, rusted old subway car that provided transportation for many New York commuters.)