Posted in characters by Denise Rafkind on January 5, 2015

Culture is the summer grass that comes up under bare feet,
Up between your toes,
It’s rich, lush tone pleasing to the eye.
Culture is wonder in another zone.
It is the exploration of the unfamiliar.
The horizon that pushes even further across the red and orange sky.

But that which mankind does not know,
Is often judged.
Because it is “weird”, “strange”, “abnormal”, “a different color” –
NO! It is just not your experience. But it is you.
Ah, ignorance! Your immaturity reeks.
Don’t you know that we are all One?

Seek to understand…
To empathize, feel, touch, and move in a new space!
I dare you, man! I challenge you, woman!
Dance to a new inner song…culture your soul.
Your being will blossom new colors.
And your life will be better…basked in unconditional love.


(A note and background about this photo, Celebrating Holi Hai in New York City May 3, 2014. Holi Hai is known as the Festival of Colors, it celebrates the coming of Spring, the joy of friendship and equality for all.)