Ribbon Rivers

Posted in landscapes by Denise Rafkind on January 5, 2015

There are winds that blow out of the north.
They cleanse, scrape, scrub everything…immaculate.
If you are not told about them, you would never know.
The winds leave a peace that is so quiet,
It can conquer your thoughts.
The purge sinks down deep…and realigns everything.
Makes one remember softer days,
In safe civility,
Lollipops, laughter and sweet caresses –
Those aren’t found here.
What is experienced is without words,
And sometimes breath.
It is the swift capture of one’s being.
A detoxification of the comforts,
Here, only the core.
A barren humility that will be concluded,
To be great, worthy…
An awakening not found on social media,
Or the internet, a smartphone,
Or the 24/7 market with a hot cup in your hand.
This is good. A fierce, but necessary discipline.
These are the winds that blow out of the north,
And make the ribbon rivers quiver.


(A note and background about this photo, Denali National Park, Alaska)