Pretty Sisters

Posted in portraits by Denise Rafkind on January 5, 2015

I know from where you came.
I recall your first step, and your first birthday, your first kiss,
and your first bike – I forgot which came first, but I do remember…
the first time you bruised your knee. Mommy rubbed a dandelion on it…
and it made you smile your tears away.
I held you in times of sorrow…
when you didn’t know what sorrow was.
When you cried, I cried too…then we shared some chocolate.
When you think we argue…
over a borrowed shirt, or the OJ in your Frosted Flakes,
that’s me saying we’ve done this before, and you are my kindred.
I’ll forever hold your hand.
I’ll be there for you.
I’ll be here for you – always.
I hope I’m your sister again…because forever is never long enough.