Grand Central Station

Posted in cityscapes by Denise Rafkind on January 4, 2015

You are the monarch of orderly madness.
Oh, Grand you are!
Symbolic in every way.
A sibling to a city.
Central to a metropolis.
Receiving the servants of society’s program.
Loyal they enter you.
Lovers, workers, toilers and dreamers.
Filing and moving like uncoiling serpents.
You engulf them,
And their meticulous patterns.
You swallow,
A bustle amidst your splendor.
Huge windows and sunshine pour through,
Reminders of your calm steadfastness.
Ever observant.
Donned in your ornate antiquity from yesterday.
You are handsome and beautiful at once.
I must ask, do you long for yesterday?
When the program was simpler.
And people had time to look at you.


(A note and background about this photo, The Main Concourse in Grand Central Terminal celebrating its 100th anniversary after being rebuilt in 1913.)