Downtown New York City

Posted in cityscapes by Denise Rafkind on January 4, 2015

Release me from your clutches.
The first time we kissed I lost my breath.
The second time…still hasn’t ended.
I’m stuck to you.
I like the coolness of your metal against my skin.
Your boulevards, streets and avenues…
I’ve made love on them once or twice,
When I lost track of the moon in the sky,
Only to open my eyes at sunrise,
And see you, my love.
The shadows from your physique
Remind me of batting eyelashes,
The way they close over entire parts of the city.
You are a royal house without the royals.
But who needs them when we’ve got each other?
I am inspired by the energy of you.
Enamorment becomes me whenever I stroke your land,
In the morning hours of night.
I like it more when I know you’re with me.
Keeping up with you is a miserable challenge.
It is our row.
You’re so damn expensive I can’t stand it.
That’s why I say, just let me —
Never mind. Forget I said that.
Just please don’t ever go away.
You grow within me.
I hate when you make me feel this way.
It’s too late now. I know.