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New Yorker Denise Rafkind has applied her creativity as an art director, photographer and graphic designer in the advertising field for 20 years.

Her lifetime passions have been traveling and photography, so combining the two came naturally. On every journey, she walks around sightseeing literally through the lens of her camera. Everything takes on new meaning through her viewfinder – brighter, vivid and more appealing.  Even in her own neighborhood, the most ordinary object is seen in a new light through her lens.

Denise has always been attracted to the endless possibilities of color, lighting and composition in photography. Whenever she sees a photo of a well-known landmark, she dreams of rediscovering that familiar image from a unique perspective.

Denise has been thrilled to experience the beauty and history of many diverse cultures in her journeys. She hopes her photography will inspire others to travel, explore and see the world with new eyes.

Recently Denise has spent time focusing on people and portrait photography. That has been an enjoyable experience, meeting and working with many different characters to capture their unique personalities. She finds it extremely rewarding when a persons individuality shines through a still photograph.


creative writer

Neal D. Bogosian is the author of the novel, The Adventures of Chip Doolin. Besides appearing on this site, Neal’s creative writing and content copy has appeared nationally, and his creative talent has been retained for websites as far away as Bali, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

To inquire about his writing services, he may be contacted in the U.S. at: 401.523.3144 or via email ndb7@aol.com